Research 2D animation studio in Spain

we are working for a new feature animation film. I have a kindly request, could you recommend us an animation studio(2D) from Spain? Our project is complex and requires high level of animation skills because we have a lot of scenes with football. [email protected]

They started to work with blender and grease pencil …

If that doesn’t work I would contact Daniel Martinez Lara, which is teaching at pepeland school ( I think in barcelona) and is one of the lead artist behind grease pencil in blender.
I’m pretty sure he knows most studios doing 2D animation with blender.

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@ yvesbodson2 I was thinking about (“how animation studios could reach Blender’s UI workflow and questions”?) just the other day.
So if you have further technical questions, you may address me or other NPR inclined artists. Check out our bios here in
I imagine, you’d like to know how to rotoscopy 3d rigs with 2D grease pencil on screen space, or how to integrate 2D toonshading into 3D models. These are the kind of regular hybrid 2d + 3d questions I usually get. So if it is of any help, please feel free to DM me.

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