Reset active object's location and rotation (selected objects keep orientation)?

Hi folks,

Imagine i have 5 objects spread around my scene randomly, and each object also has some random rotation.

Now, if i select all objects, i can then reset the active object’s location and rotation, and the other (selected) objects will also move while keeping the same orientation to the active object.

Great! … but!! …i can ONLY do this using the move and rotate gizmos.

If i try to type the values in (all zeros), either into the object’s properties panel or into the N > item > transform panel, the other objects won’t move or rotate.

Basically i’m trying to find a way to select all objects, then select the camera as the active object, then reset the camera’s location back to the world origin with no rotation, and i want all the other selected objects to keep the same orientation to the camera as they did before the move.

Any ideas? Especially how to numerically type in the value used by the move and locate gizmos?


parent the objects to the camera

reset the location and rotation of the camera

unparent the objects from the camera

Great, thanks!