Reset default workspace? How?


Just downloaded Blender. Sorry to start with such a lame post. I have searched on this and seen all kinds of answers, none answering this question.

I do not want to reset everything to factory defaults, losing in the process all other changes such mouse button prefs, etc.
I do not want to start a new file all over. And I even saw one answer that involved pasting a bunch of code in to a window…

What I do want is to return all my panels, that is the basic workspace - to the default settings, while continuing to work on the same project.

Example: In Photoshop if you make a mess of your “Essentials” workspace, you simply click Essentials>Reset Essentials.

Please tell me there is a way to do this easily in Blender?

Many thanks

If you have just messed up your current blend file.
Save your file
File / New File
Open, Select the blend file you saved and ensure you turn off ‘Load UI’ option

Just add a new layout and split the windows to whatever layout you want it to be.


Thanks for that tip Richard on fixing a messed up current file… This is really handy for blend files you might download from another artist that uses a completely different interface set up than your used to.

Thank you, that works. Maybe one day there will be a button for this. Good workaround though.