Reset sculpting?

Hello epic blenderes,

I am following along a tutorial on couches and I have come to sculpting. I get the basic concepts but while following along it was shown that you could “reset” your “sculpts” by using the “delete higher” button in modifiers (after going back down to 0).It was also shown that you could erase your “sculpts” by deleting the multires mod and simply re-adding it.

Now when I try to follow suit, I am unable to increase the value of the preview, sculpt, or render sliders. (even after deleting {while in edit or object mode) the the multires mod entirely).

so my question is…

What is the current best practice for deleting current “sculpts” and -for lack of a better word, restarting.

notes the only other modifier/stuff on the object currently is an “array” and the object was smoothed a couple times using the [in edit mode - select all - “w” - “smooth”] command which was done before adding the multires.

Delete higher deletes the higher subdivision levels, that’s why you can’t increase the level because there isn’t one. You need to use the subdivide button to have additional subdivision levels again.

Would also suggest using less “”, (), {}, _ marks in future posts. Using screenshots helps you to describe the problem, makes your written description easier to follow and gives additional information without writing a word when you don’t crop them. Trying to emphasize every syllable is then unnecessary, makes it harder to read and is annoying.

Breaking subtopics into paragraphs and using screenshots is good. The only thing missing is an example .blend file that is usually needed to find out what causes the described problem and helps to communicate back. It’s the fastest way to produce screenshots and helps to describe the findings and suggestions on how to fix it. Probably won’t need it with this one and files with sculpt data can be too big but maybe include that in the future. Additional instructions linked in my signature.

Thanks JA12!

I did wind up figuring this out last night but I had already submitted the post.

I will also bare in mind you tips for future posts. I appreciate it!

Thanks again :slight_smile: