reset Startupfile without loosing the user pref´s?

I messed up something in blender (I guess it has to do with scaling and units) but cant find what is causing the problem. The easiest thing for me would be to reload the original startup file of blender, but if I do so, will I loose all the configurations I made to my UI? Will I loose all the Addon settings?

Any idea how to do this?
Thanks a lot

File -> load factory settings won’t overwrite the current ones. File -> save startup file afterwards overwrites the startup file. If you also go to user preferences and save them, then it overwrites those too.

Thanks a lot! “load factory…” will reset the addons as well, but it keeps em loaded. I just had to activate them again. Thanks for your help

Obviously it loads factory settings for everything, just doesn’t save them. Getting the old settings back would mean loading a new file.