reseting armature?

Hey everyone. Got a question. How do I clear all of the keys from my armature so that I am fresh again? I basically want to erase all of my keys so that I can start a new animation without all of my old stuff (keys) geting in the way.

In the IPO window, select all armatures keys with Akey. Delete all keys with Xkey. Then in posemode select all bones and clear rotation, location, and size (Alt+Rkey, Alt+Gkey, Alt+Skey respectively).

Unlink the Action sheet from the Armature and then clear all transformation (select all the bones in Pose Mode and press Alt-S, Alt-R, Alt-G).


I assume these have to do with NLAs? I still haven’t dove into getting the hang of those yet!! :smiley:

Sorry to post partial information, Martin. Good luck on your project, Landis! :wink:


Thanks buddy…with an application like Blender, it’s user community, and a little luck, I should have no problem at all.


What can I say…as always man your the heat :wink: .

Take care guys…and thanks again.


I assume these have to do with NLAs? I still haven’t dove into getting the hang of those yet!! :smiley: [/quote]
This only meant you have to click the little X button next to the Action name in the Action window. This deletes the link between the Action block and the Object. Of course, deleting the IPOs also work, but what if you want to reuse the Action block afterward…


So, lets say that I want to get rid of all of the keys for things that do not use an armature, then how do I do it. Also, I am still having trouble with the IPO window. That thing scares me man…I am going to work with it a little more. Also, you know that handy little option that allows me to copy the keys of an armature, paste the flipped version, etc? Well, is there something like that for other objects…that do not have an armature?
Thanks ahead of time.


Hey Landis, if you don’t like using the IPO window the normal way, you can also try using ‘record mouse’ by pressing ‘R’ in the ipo window with two or more keys selected (the letters on the right that turn white when you click them) and then selecting ‘still’ from the popup menu, then pressing ctrl to start recording, moving your mouse around (in any part of the screen) to get your movements, on those axis, and then just let go of ctrl to stop recording. It takes awhile to get used to, but I find you can get some really natural movement that way once you get used to it. Also for natural lookiing movements, try using IK solvers to deform your armatures. Particularly fun in record mouse mode.

To get rid of keys btw, just select any keys you made, same way that you would select an object, by right clicking, B select, A, whatever, in the action window, the ipo window, the nla window, (if you want to delete all of the keys in that window, just press the x on that windows toolbar) and delete them with X.