Reseting Camera

I have a basic character with a basic rig. My camera setup looks like this.

sensor controller actuator
always And Camera height 9.00
min 20.00 max 20.00
How would i set it up so that when i press a certain button on my keyboard it will reset the camera behind my character?
Any other ideas on a new camera system is welcome.

There is no reset. The camera just tracks the camera from wherever it is. You could just set the position of the camera behind your character. I think that is what you want.

I hope it helps

You could add an empty to your character, parent the cam to it, then animate camera location to behind the character. Then add
keyboard :®-> and-> ipo:play= 1 to 1
I think this should do it.

thanks for the responses. But i am having trouble animating my camera. How do i animate the camera properelly, because i cant animate it like i would an armature?