Resetting the basic display and options

I am learning Blender using 2.63 and following the absolute beginner tutorials which are great. I have a problem when I come to try the steps on my own. I usually get it all wrong and cannot recover to try again.
Is there a key combination or command which allows you to set ALL the controls back to the same as when Blender is first started?
I know about the File>New which resets the content of the display window but does not change any options which have been set (by mistake or deliberately).

try going onto user preferences. shows you exactly what to do since it would take too long for me to explain


Save your blend file
File / New
File / Open
Select your blend file and in the bottom left of the blender file browser window deselect ‘Load UI’ so you keep the default user interface

File / Load Factory settings will load everything back to the defaults. Use Ctrl+U to save as the default startup file. You’ll then have to open your blend file as per the above

Thanks Richard, much more meaningful.