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Hi everyone! :wink:

Here’s my (…i think it is…) finished project. I’m not completely satisfied and i think there might be something to improve but i actually do not have more time to spend on it and i really want to work on some other projects…

Ahh, and it’s “Schloss Charlottenburg” in Berlin!

Okay, let me here what you think! :wink:

Blown away!! :eek:
I followed your WIP thread on Blendpolis and admired it from the beginning! The effort you put in this project really pays off! :yes:

A Super Ultra detailed job. No doubt this is an excellent work. How many hours / days you spent working on this scene?

looks great,nice composition.

Almost real. Dome looks fantastic.

The first rendering is just brilliant! Well done!!!

This must be posted on galllery. . Awesome stuff. . Blown away

Great! Well done! 5*

Great work. First image is nice=normal render, others not. I think your modelling shines with clay render.

This looks so real. Great work!

Good job and impressive !

Awesome work!

This is a good indication of “photorealism” in CG artwork. Very extraordinary and beautifully executed, with an attention to detail bordering on insane. Have 5 well-deserved *'s. :slight_smile:


Wow :eek: Amazing render!
The one thing I note is that the tarnish on the dome gives an older feel to the building, while the rest seems rather pristine, giving it a younger feel. It made me do a double-take.
Though the architecture is simply incredible! Great work :smiley:

Bam! How beautiful a rendering!


Congratulations, and well deserved ! I enjoyed following your WIP thread.

a brilliant job, +5 well deserved, wich render was used, is that cycles?

Congratz, Great work.

nice modeled, great details.

But i always like to know a bit more about projects, for example, how many polys scene got?, What render you use?, cycles? looks yes.

how many hours of render?. Could we see a Clay or wireframe of scene ?.

the renders are great, but trees of background in second photo got 15-20 metres of high? , hehe.

Congratz and Regards.

Amazing. I wish I had the time to work on projects like this.