Residental complex "Grani". Archviz.

Hello. Here is my latest project made with blender.
Stills are rendered with Cycles (images are hires - click on them for full resolution), animation is rendered with lumion 8.
Textures&postpro - blender baking and GIMP.
Hope you like it.

And animation:


Looks nice. Tried Lumion (6 i believe) once but did not really like it. But what I liked was the enormous plants and tree collection. Did you make the plants for blender or did you buy them somewhere?

For the rest, nice looking renders! But maybe sometime the perspective is weird with the 2d stuff

This plants are modeld with old “tree from curves script” for blender 2.49 - nice script for custom trees. I made them more than 4 years ago.

Yeah 2d people are sux - but client wanted me to use them. I dont like 2d people in 3d scenes - they usually look weird…