Resilient UVs - Can't reset'em :(

As it shows in the UV/Image Editor window.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that this one is my 4th UV map for the same model. But somehow I get this blown up UV faces. Normally I can start afresh by simply selecting all UVs then reset them. Except this time they’re not going away :frowning:
Any ideas why would that be?

For now I suppose I could scale them down and put them aside…


You could try going to the Object Data panel in the Properties window, and delete the UV layer there, and set a new one up.

Thanks a bunch for sharing Craig J., I failed to mention that I had tried that too without avail :frowning:

Mmmm, not sure I’ll ever finish!
I can click-select the face in the UV/Image Editor window, then scale it down and put it aside off the uv area, but so far there’s no sign of them just being a few. They could be hundreds for all I know :frowning:
If I B-select it then it selects the whole model.


The UV editor will only display the map data of the faces you have selected in editmode, so go back into the 3D view and select only the faces you want to put aside, then press ‘a’ to select all of them in the UV window.

I may be missing something here but when you do unwrap>reset this is usually what you get - all faces sized the same to fit in the image space. Are you perhaps thinking of the ‘unwrap’ command which will follow seams etc, not ‘reset’? Reset will put all the faces on top of each other so if your mesh has hundreds yes they will all be on top of each other. Sorry if I am missing the point…

Thanks Ace D., I suppose I could also select the ones I actually want, then invert the selection to get the ones I don’t and take it from there…
We’ll see how it goes.