Resize Layers in New GIMP?

I downloaded the newest version of GIMP a while ago for Windoze Vista and I’m fairly happy about it…except for one thing. One of GIMP’s major strengths I like is the fact you can resize the layers; however, in this version, I’m trying to resize a layer to use as a background for a comic book, and when I go to Resize, it puts a big box around the entire canvas as opposed to only the layer boundaries…I like this feature because it’s a cheat…is this an error? Where can I find a workaround to it? Otherwise I think I’m going to stop updating GIMP…period…it’s turning into Adobe Potatochop and I don’t like it >_>

Thanks in Advance,

Never mind, I always ask dumb questions when I get panicked about something >_> Disregard what’s here.