Resize to exact measurements

Hi all…thanks for helping me out! I am trying to model something in real life, which resembles a cane, with varying thicknesses throughout the length. The way I best thought to do it was to create a circle mesh, extrude it up to where it changes thickness, then extrude it again, and over and over. The real-world measurements are critical to keep (I have set all my units to mm, that is not my problem).

The initial circle I can resize in Object Mode to the right size. But in edit mode the next circle around the shaft is only editable by scaling, which is not accurate to get to the right size.

I guess one answer would be to make all separate objects, and “stack” them, but that is a pain, and seems like if I could only change the scale to a known size or ratio, the problem would be solved. Or, if that is truly the only way, then please let me know!

Anyone have ideas? Attached screenshot is what I am going for, except I need to be able to set the sizes of each transition accurately.


Well, you could create a series of circles with the right size at the correct place, join them together with CTRL-J and bridge the gaps afterwards…

If you use Blender Units you can essentially scale by percentages. Using the keyboard shortcut of the S-KEY while in editmode you can follow up the scale command with a number for exact scaling needs.

For instance, in the image you have shown, you could reduce the size of the selected circle by 10% by typing S0.9ENTER. Reduce scale to 90%. S0.5ENTER to reduce the scale by half. etc…

Add a cylinder with a standard 1 meter radius, and the correct length. Make loop cuts and position them correctly along the length of the cylinder (you can enter exact location, in meters, in Properties Panel Transforms Median Z axis when the loop is selected.)

When all the loops are in the correct location along the length, select them, one by one, and scale them to the correct radius. 2 mm diameter means scaling to 0.001.

This only works for circles but if that’s all you want then the looptools add on has a circle mode in which you can specify an exact radius. So you pick your loop that you want to scale and use the addon on it. one loop at a time of course.

  1. Set all your vertices to correct places, you can manually type them, transform box (X = radius and Z = height)
  2. Connect vertices
  3. Select Top View (Numpad+7) and Spin (Alt+R)