Restrain transformation to two axis ?

With the new face and edge tools I thought I’d give a shot to blender.

I tried modeling simple things, for now tools pretty good but is there a way to restrain transformation to two axis ? For now all I’ve been able to do is use simple 1 axis transformation. It there a way to use XY, XZ, YZ transformation.

Please don’t tell me to use ortographic views, I want to do it in a perspective view.

Thanks !

Using the 1 axis transformation, use ‘n’ to type in a specific number.

Then switch to the other axis, and type in the same number for that one.

Or transform in all 3, and then scale the one axis back by whatever you scaled the others to.

Planar constraints are planned for 2.36, with the transform rewrite (already in progress).


Thanks a lot !