Retired Unit


(deadmeadow) #21

thanks man! The robot is 3D and the clothes and background are a photograph. The guys at are going to be posting an interview with an article on how I did this piece :slight_smile:

(rombout) #23

well that was a very short interview, hardly shows more info than here ???

(deadmeadow) #24

interview has not been released yet, cheers!

(rombout) #25

ow okay, than i saw basically the same post there as it is here.

(anas) #26

damn this is good !!!

(deadmeadow) #27

thanks so much :slight_smile:

(masterxeon1001) #28

you’re gonna go places.
fantastic work

(Bart Veldhuizen) #29

To learn more about this project, check out the ‘Behind the Scenes’ that @deadmeadow wrote for us on BlenderNation:

(deadmeadow) #30

thanks Jerry, I’m glad you like it. Hard Ops rocks! I used it for all the modelling :slight_smile:

(deadmeadow) #31

thanks pal!

(deadmeadow) #32

Thanks Bart, I had a blast writing the article.

(Torsten Dudai) #33

nobody said “electric monk” ?? :slight_smile: