Retired Unit


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Personal Project I did to try some photobashing techniques. The result is a mix of a 3D render done all in blender and cycles mixed with a photograph. The final composite was done in photoshop. The photo was taken by amazing Thailand photographer Sasin Tipchai, check him out on pixabay as SASINT.


Nice! I really like it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Should be featured, for sure.

Great work.

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Ooh, very neat! A good source photo is a great start, and this one is quite striking.
As far as the composition goes, I would crop it a bit tighter, but that’s your preference of course.

Now, I’m rubbish at textures myself, so take this lightly, but the grunge looks like it’s only one layer deep. If you look at the concrete behind him, there are multiple layers of lichen, moss, and weathering. It’s not just the texturing either, big chunks of concrete are missing, pieces out of the bricks, it’s been repaired with mismatched materials in places.

In comparison, the Unit looks carefully and uniformly weathered, like every part has been equally chipped and scraped. And there are no dents, no mismatched parts, no missing panels. I feel like it would look better if you committed to one way or the other. If you want the Unit to match the environment, add some more layers of grunge, and some damage in the geometry. If you want a contrast (to go along with the immaculate clean robes) then nix the paint chips and show us a lovingly and meticulously tended surface, with perhaps just a hint of many years of use.

Great work on the joint design and general mechanical details. Recessed bolts, tube clips, division into panels. All very industrial!

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thanks so much!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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did you mix the two image inside of blender or in photoshop?

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I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Wow, this is just a great work, i really like it, feel like robot in search of consciousness.

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absolutely love it!


Wow, nice. Very nice.

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thank you!

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wow thats great, thanks Bart, I’m honored

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:scream::scream::scream: so happy for this!


Nice work!

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The Binary light in me recognizes the Binary light within you,


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Stunning man, the lighting is perfect. Was really curious what was real and what 3d

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Very nice! If anything, maybe the blending around the edges could be touched up a bit- specifically around the forehead and finger tips.

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compositing was done in photoshop :slight_smile: