Retopo giving me trouble...what are my options?

So I tried to model my daughter in 3d that was not working so I did a 3d scan of her face and imported it as a .obj and tried to merge it with a humanoid body of a little girl. My problem is there are seems where I joined the face. I tried to go into sculpt mode to flatten smooth it out but it’s not working. Any ideas I tried to retopo I. 3d coat but it’s not showing where I merged the face. Any ideas. I will upload the blender file as soon as I get to my pc

Make sure you have applied the scale of both objects (Ctrl a choose scale)
you’re probably better off keeping the objects separate and smoothing them as best you can, to get ready to retopo them together (they can still remain separate during retopo)

ultimately you will need to retopo over the face if you plan on animating it. If the body has already been retopoed you can continue using the exisiting topology.

Pictures please!