Retopo Mesh misalignment

Testing out this method of retopo an enocunterd a weird discrepancy between modes. Anyway to fix and avoid this from happening?

Next to the Shrinkwrap modifier name there should be four icons. First two of them, “On Cage” and “Edit Mode”, affect how modifier looks in Edit mode.

Im using a displace modifier would shrink wrap be better?

Also once on is there away to set this too the new edit mode position or just keep these setting on to keep it relative.

Oh… uhhh… I just assumed it was Shrinkwrap since it’s retopo…? Should include modifier list on screenshots for this sort of questions =D
Edit mode normally shows the “true” position of vertices, before modifiers. These two options show how it would look like after the modifier is applied. It’s a matter of what you find more useful to see at the moment.

…I can’t even begin to see how Displace can be used here, tbh.

Not sure tbh, its just what the TuT reccomended to make Poly build work which as of right now it seems to very much not like me haha.

Argg i get ya, so its kinda like how a sub div shows smoothing an its movements but does not apply them so you can jump back an forward. Cool!

That’s right, very handy)

What kind of trouble are you having with Polybuild?

Its rather finicy keeps jumping inside the mesh, an the Auto merge seems to not work with it on so having to un select it which is jarring coming from Quad draw. Not sure if im doing something wrong or maybe i should try seek out an add on for Retopo.

Welllll, a lot depends on how you’re doing the retopo I suppose.

Most reliable and often used method I’ve seen includes Shrinkwrap Modifier + Snapping to Faces (with “Active” and “Project Individual Elements”) enabled.
With this setup your vertices are (or very close to) where they appear to be. Which is important for Auto Merge because it looks at the actual positions, I think.
It also makes easier to grab things.

Btw, there are good addons out there, but it’s worth figuring this out as well, imho.

Ye that method looked intresting, the auto weld seems more… suggesting then position like i sorta have to throw the points at one another and let go just before they hit, its like the weirdest game off bowling iv ever played.

Ye seems like a ton of good ones, one of the reasons i jump too this was for hair addons later down the line, and a retopo tool with a “smoothing” feature like quad draw is something ill have a search for. Gota learn blenders hickups like any program i guess. Cheers for the ideas as this programs daunting!