retopo or decimate


I kinda hate retopo baking process. I don’t complain when creating new things from scratch, it’s just I don’t like repeating things.

I tested decimate instead of baking models, well…yeah quality is not that good.

But game graphics are supposed to be not that high quality, (especially small/indie game) maybe I’ll just go for it.

Do you guys use decimate modifier instead of baking? retopo is vey annoying.

a lot of games go for the low poly look these days, I noticed. which is easily achieved with the decimator modifier. maybe you could shoot for that style.

In my current project I am most definitely using retopo (and several pieces of software). This is tedious, but rewarding in the sense that I am using much less system resources. Here is a very early example of what I have been doing. I’m much farther along now. I did decimate before and maintained detail, but the model was still very heavy.


Oh my, you retopo THIS? I can feel your headache from here.
BTW that looks great, I’m still struggling with basic stuffs.

there are some add-ons that can speed up the process, such as ‘contours’, but those cost money. however, you might wish to look into ‘b-surfaces’ add-on which is packed. it’s not as good as the ones you have to pay for, but it can save a lot of time.