retopo problem for line or curve ?

i made a line to be retopo on a dome

then i converted to a curve and applied a bevel but
it is flat ?

or how can i retopo a bevel curve onto this dome

see file and pic here

zcur1.blend (352 KB)


anyone has an idea ?

thanks for any feedback

Is this what you want?

I’m not sure too if it is what you want but after loading your model , i select this green thing and go to Edit Mode.

Select all then i click on this “Set Spline Type” button :

Select in the popup " Bezier "
Then i click on this “Auto” button from the Handle tab :

And i obtain this

That seems to be following more the background model shape.

problem is with the green line as shown in first pic
this is a curve with a bevel applied to it
but it’s flat instead of being rounded like the bevel curve!

following the curve is not the problem

i took a line then retopo it onto the curve dome

then i converted this mesh line to a curve

and the problem is when you try to apply a bevel curve to that curve
it does not work the beveled curve is flat not rounded like the bevel curve!

the bevel curve is a circle
but the line curve end up being flat vertical instead of round like a circle or tube like following the curve for the dome

so the problem has to do with why the bevel curve is not working properly!

hope you understand

Apply scale to the curve.

Alt-S to apply scale and it works this time

i guess it is the a trick here!