Retopo workflow viewport trouble

Here’s my problem: when I’m retopologizing my sculpts I can’t see what I’m doing. When I’m working normally I see this:

As you can see, you can’t really see what you’re doing like this.

That’s where x-ray mode comes in:

And it works really well! … as long as you’re only doing one side of the model:

I was wondering how you deal with this problem. As far as I know, Blender doesn’t support any type of backface culling which would be really helpful in this case and there isn’t any option to adjust the z-bias of a mesh either. Any tips would be appreciated.

Yes, the lack of backface culling is extremely annoying in Blender when you retopo.

The workaround i use is to press ALT+B and select the zone i am working on, by example :
Obviously not workable
I press ALT+B and select the part i want to work on
It will hide everything else (and so the back faces that are so annoying), allowing me to have a very workable zone now

works the same in both 2.49b and 2.58
(press ALT+B to unhide everything again)

It’s very usefull too when you retopo zones that have several part of geometry near to each other that obfuscate your view.
But note that it does not improve performance at all, as if you use this in Sculpt mode, the “hidden” part of your sculpture will continue to impact performance.