Retopology Flows

Hi everyone I am looking for all retopoloy flows!

These are the ones I found already.
If you know other methods then these five, add a picture with example please.

Thanks in advance!

Try some of these

The ones on pinerest are really handy indeed, for the second link, I think I can’t see the picture on it.

It’s a flash based window that gives you a few tools to see changes and so on. Try again, but most of the pages are on pintrest. I did download a lot more, but I may have lost the file in a crash, but if I find it I will upload it.

ahn yeah i guess my addblocker, blocks flash!
That’s why i can’t see it.
Hm doens’t do the trick disabling or enabling it :G

Use another interner browser, here it work…

anyway … topology guide have some loop reduction flow ( scroll down the page )…

Along to some " topolgy examples " for specific cases …