Retopology in depth tutorials ?

Hi folks I’ve come to Blender as a newbie with a keen interest in learning all about the retopology tools specifically to generate lower poly character meshes from higher rez sculpts.

Sadly it’s not a topic that I’ve found much information on.

Does anyone know of some great tutorials video with dialog or html tutorials explaining the process and working methods required.?

I noticed in a tutorial by Zac Petroc (using Maya) that he used a mesh from zbrush with drawn polygon edgeloops on a Auv’ed texture as a guide for creating his retopology im Maya - can this be emulated also in Blender

Many thanks.

May I presume due to the speed this post is sinking that there is no in depth information or tutorials on this particular feature of Blender?

If this is so, perhaps some kindly humanoid may furnish me with a link to a Blender guru to whom I may petition and offer my undying love/ gratitude for such information?:o



Hey. You’re in luck if you can hold on a bit longer! Right this very minute I’m in the middle of an extensive sculpt/retopo workflow tutorial which will be included as a part of my upcoming book, Mastering Blender.

In the meantime, the simple answer to get started is A) sculpt something, B) add a new mesh object to the same place, C) delete the new mesh objects verts D) turn on Retopo and D) with Ctrl-LMB start adding verts. Watch this excellent time lapse video to get a sense of what’s going on:

Thank you Tony/ bugman for your much welcomed reply.
Indeed I have seen that video which got me rather excited as well as deflated due to the lack of verbal explanation of the toolset and method etc.

Thanks for the starter tips and I look forward to any other input and also hearing word of the book release.

With thanks.

For anyone else interested here is another video I just found explaining some of the features and methods

I don’t know if you have seen these pages before, but I’ll post them here just in case.

Great links Hobo Joe, I haven’t seen these before in my searching.
Much obliged indeed.