Will their ever be a script for automatic retopology in blender? Can anyone tell me how it is performed anyway it would be a great addition to a character editor i have planned

Automatic retopology doesn’t make any sense. You are talking about polygon reduction. Retopology is controlling the end result to exact specifications.

My mistake i was thrown off by a couple of videos i watched a while back and the name of a tool from another editor. I think it may have been 3dCoat it jst looked a bit more useful than the poly reduction tool currently implemented in blender. But maybe its jst the same thing

edit: I found the vids I was talking about maybe it can elaborate more clearly than i have
here is one
New Auto_Retopo Feature: the Orc
and Here is Another
Automatic Retopology in 3D-Coat
yet Another
3D Coat AutoRetopology Overview

Discussed in great length in this thread