retouch individual frames

I’m (trying to) do a really short animation - just a few dozen frames. However, I’m getting some little anomalies in a few frames and I’m thinking it would be easier to ‘retouch’ (i.e., manually paint over) these little faults rather than try to actually fix the models, key points etc.

How would I go about doing this? I could make my outputs as, say, .png and individually retouch the frames. But how would I take the .pngs and make them back into an .avi (or .mov or other video format?)

Thanks in advance,


Not saying that fixing the model is not the best way. It probably is. But if you do do the touch up route, you can use the VSE to take the frames and render them back out as an animation. Another option is to add an image sequence to the camera bg. (Camera selected Material pannels World tab Add a new image texture there after creating it in the Texure tab). Could probably do the same thing with the images as an image sequence using composite nodes. Look in the manual for these areas.