Retro Computer

Hey everyone, there is a quick concept design of a retro monitor.

The workflow was really fast with the help of the Decalmachine and the speedflow add-on wich I can not live without now. Both Add-ons works really well together for quick design and quick preview. So thanks to @pitiwazou and @MACHIN3 for their work !


Thanks for the shoutout! Love this piece, can’t wait to see more!

Well done :wink:

Love it! Great use of the tools!

Excellent modeling and realization of a concept.

Interesting to see an AZERTY keyboard layout as well.

The model is so well done, down to the venting, edges, and convincing little details, that I do wish it was given at least a basic desk/wall setting so it could also be admired in that more natural context.

I do think it deserves that, beyond a demonstration of the impressive tools you’ve used, if you also feel it’s worthwhile and ever get the chance :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

Thanks everyone.

@RobertT Thanks Robert, yes the AZERTY keyboard is not so coherent because there is also some text in English, but this is a french bad habits. Maybe in the future, I’ll incorporate this one in an environnement since I love to make this kind of prop.

Very cool! You should do one of this guy’s concepts… they are like retro-ish Amiga concepts.

I always love this retro inspired stuff, looks like it was ripped straight out of an old Sci-Fi movie. Really well modeled!

Great look and feel. Interesting workflow to develop it