Retromaniac Magazine

The editorial team behind Retromaniac Magazine kindly asked me to create a few renders to help illustrating their gigantic article about MSX on issue #9. This is the art that finally made it into the article:

Pile of Memories:

MSX Universe:

Background for opening pages:

This last image is a revision of an earlier scene I already posted here, but since there are slight differences, I think it’s fair to include it in this post. Everything was modeled with Blender and rendered with Cycles.

If you are into retro computing and can read spanish you might want to check the full issue of the magazine here. They even interviewed me as part of the article in case you are curious. :wink:

beautiful works, the style suits the subject perfectly!

Thank yos for the nice comment, comeinandburn. :slight_smile:

I gotta say my favorite piece of the trio is the third one. Brilliant work with lighting that and the texture work. Though, there are a few things I did notice. the materials on the keyboard and the joystick could be a bit more matte than they could be shiny, but perhaps it’s just my personal preference. Still, these are some excellent pieces you have here.

I like it.:yes:

@BeardedRaptor: Thanks! During the creation of the MSX I used several dozens of pictures of that particular MSX model as reference, but I had my doubts regarding actual glossiness, as most of those pictures were not of the best quality. That was until recently, when I attended a retro computing fair here in Madrid and had the chance to hold in my own hands this very same model of MSX (Philips MSX VG-8020). Trust me, that’s the actual glossiness of the real model. :slight_smile:

@blue box: Thank you for the comment. :slight_smile: