Return to 2.79 style axis locking

In 2.79, when you started a transform it defaulted to World transform orientation. To use the orientation selected in the dropdown, you had to hit the axis hotkey a second time. In 2.8, this behavior is reversed. Is there an option to change it back to have it was in 2.79?

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I don’t believe there is an option for that. Just something new to learn.

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Finally figured out the solution to this:

-Select the Viewport Gizmo drop down box near the top right of the 3d viewport (It’s the one between the Object visibility settings and Viewport Overlay settings. It looks like a Y)

-In that drop down there should be a button for Object Gizmos

-Set that to Normal orientation, and it now works like 2.79.

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This isn’t working for me, pressing x while moving an object with an orientation other than world still defaults to the selected orientation x-axis before toggling to world x axis.

Alright here’s a less confusing explanation.

1- Make sure this is set to global. Forgot to mention this part.
2- Press this little button
3- Select this dropdown and set it to normal.

It works for me, but it’s possible that this might have changed in a different version, in which case it’s back to the drawing board i guess.


Right on, that makes sense.

Works for me.

I just checked, the button looks different in the newest version, same place though.

I use the 2.79 set up and don’t really see this 3 axis icon
where is it?

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same place
You habe different mode selected

you mean I need to select global first !

but the icon has been change too !

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I’m trying it and its not changing anything. The first axis lock uses whatever I have put in 1. The second time I hit the axis it uses global. Changing whats in the gizmo doesn’t seem to do anything.

Alright, hate to say this but I was wrong, what it was actually doing is local transforms, not normal. So ignore everything i said, there’s no way to do 2.79 axis locking that i know of.

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