Return to The Blending Island - looking for rigging and softbody treasure map!

After a brief break of 8 years or so, I’m finally ready to start learning to build actual puppets.

Whoah! Have things ever changed! Modeling and texturing was something I learned, and looks like a lot of the things that one needed to worry about in 2005 are no longer relevant.

Anyway, this thread is for learning purposes. To make Blending Island where elastic dummies perform whimsical deformations.

The Plan:

  • Model simple gummy bear/robot/octopus character or four, with rigging and animation in mind.
  • Model a safe Blending Island environment for the characters to mess about in.
  • Rig the models and enforce what I think is called softbody mechanics.
  • Create a texture with the new-for-me-node-texturing system.
  • Create simple coded behaviours (walk, jump, grab).
  • Animate real-time behaviours for

Whoa! This is going to take a long time. I don’t even know where to start. At least Blender still looks familiar, and I can model things with ease. Amazing, only took couple of minutes to refresh the keyshortcuts.

Made this attached polyhedra earler, just to have a starting image on here.