ReturnOfTheLivngDead Barrels in abandoned quarantine zone

Higher quality version on my Google Drive:

I finally decided to call it quits on this project. It’s my 4th ever completed render and I’m a bit intimidated to even post here ( with all the great artists that I simply cannot hold a light too.) But I decided to start posting anyways.
This was supposed to just be one Barrel, but I ended up putting it into a small scene.

It’s supposed to depict the Trioxin barrels from ROTLD abandoned in a field hospital that was constructed when they finally retrieved the 2 missing Troxin barrels. Unfortunately, the chemical had leaked out of one of the barrels infecting most of the area- thus they were abandoned in this quarantine zone/ field hospital.

I’m still a newbie, but feel I made a lot of personal progress with this one- which is very exciting. I can’t wait to begin a new project.

Any tips/ comments/ criticism would be great. Thank you!

Created in Blender 2.8- Rendered in Cycles. Did some post work in GIMP (lite grunge work and highlights)