reuse your toy

Made in cycles at 400 samples, background is a picture , lego is made by Bobreed64 on blendswap.
I don’t had the intention to made an accurate lego toy , just build something for fun.


I like the idea :slight_smile:
Could be an advert for that tea.

p.s.This is just me being a grammar Nazi: drop the apostrophe!

The apostrophe was bugging me too…

Fortunately the render made up for it. I love the idea. I’m already thinking of other household chores lego men could do…

Ugh; Papyrus…

But the render is really great :smiley: Both the concept and the image!

I really like the idea, this is a very good goal for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replay’s, (hope that the apostrophe is right now ) , but something most be not really OK , come one shoot. :eyebrowlift2:

love lego :smiley: one tip for your scene, there is a lot of ambient light, maybe reduce that a bit.

Want to see more lego!

@ insiderrr : AO on 2.8 . environment texture at 0 .010.
How you see this, and how mastering this.
Al way’s nice to learning new things , especially about lightening .
Thanks for your comments :wink:

Next will be to reuse the freaky robot hand. That would be awesome in the kitchen.