Reusing rendered frames in an animation.

Hey guys/gals:

Is there any way for blender to simply re-use a frame in an animation if there are no changes on screen?

Sometimes when I do motion graphics work, I have pauses in the animation, like text flies in, waits to be read and flies out. Rather than rendering the text a hundred times as it sits there motionless, it would be nice if blender could detect that there are no changes and just copy the same frame a hundred times.

Of course I do this myself to save render time by re-timing the frames in the vse. But that’s pretty sucky since I have to time the animation, eliminate the moments without movement in the dope sheet, then re-time the animations in the VSE.

Is there a tool I’m missing?


no way to do that as of now. manual work or batch file

Ah, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for the response!