[rev share] Game project

My name is Christian, a Full Stack Developer in Unreal Engine, having a digital concept artist, digital marketing, an environment student artist in the team, working on a new project in development that has 2 different cultures, monsters, creatures, gods, dragon, a good story, Story-driven Adventure Open World [RPG]in time-forgotten followers of Zalmoxies shaped the world.
If you are interested in this project and do you want to work with me on it in any kind of position I’m fully open to it, even you are a student or an experienced one, we all gain experience by learning.
The development has started in December 2020 and remains a couple of months to finish the MVP with your help.

I have a GDD for this pre-prototype.
There can be a rev share split or a freelance contract with a hiring part with a 2000$/mounth after the project will get funding.

If you will want to talk more on discord: gacrivastudio#9767

hi is it ok if i can join the project?

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It is more than ok if you’ll want to be a part of this project and I’m glad that you want it. Do you have discord to talk there more about this project?

yes its WOLF#1563

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