[Rev-Share] NE Studio seeking a 3d/2d artist

About us:
We are NE Studios, a team of 18 developers building multiple mid scope games, with two that are over halfway complete, and one title ready to be launched by the end of this year (Atlas Sentry). We polish all of our games and focus on quality.

We are a small team, everyone currently on the team and future teammates must be interested in game development as a whole and not just one role, being a small indie company it is very important that you can wear a few hats and not just one. Everyone on our team is a game dev.

looking for:
3d Artist with experience handpainting stylized textures

^ requirement for all positions: A true love of game development and to be very self motivated.
We are a very active team, you must be too.

Team Website:


Atlas Sentry on SlideDB:

If interested or for more information add me on skype: nicholas.boucher4

Examples of Game Art and Style: