[Rev Share] Organic Character Modeler Needed for Video Game!

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Check out our Website: http://www.amalgamboardgame.com/
Browse our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmalgamBoardGame
Take a peek at our Twitter: https://twitter.com/GameAmalgam

Game Brief/Overview: http://www.amalgamboardgame.com/overview/

Simplexity Game Studio’s Statement:

Our goal is to achieve complexity through simplicity…ironic right? We think many video games, and even board games, tend to make things so complicated in order to make things more interesting and keep players from moving on to a new game. At Simplexity Game Studio, we believe that we can create a fun and lasting game with a simple yet refined set of rules and gameplay.
We believe that the greatness of a game isn’t determined by the amount of things involved in the game, but the quality and thought put into what IS in the game. With Amalgam, we tried to create a simple design, with as small a learning curve as possible, and in return giving the players endless strategies and letting their mind and creativity do the rest of the work. We like to (although a bit of a bold statement) think of Amalgam as the ‘Modern Chess’. Of course, we will be ecstatic if Amalgam becomes one tenth as popular as chess, but we are using Chess’ “complexity through simplicity” as our role model.

About Us:
We are a small group of people from around the world who are passionate about getting into the game development industry and hope to bust our way in with the success of Amalgam. We are passionate, yet we are all volunteer, so we work in our free time, trying to get as much done as we can, even amidst all of life’s typical roadblocks (AKA Work). We use Slack to communicate, and stay in touch as often as we can, and try to have a meeting around every week or so. We are developing the game using Unreal Engine 4 and hope to move through development as fast as possible. We are planning on launching a Kickstarter when we get enough content, and if successful, we will be able to pay the development team for their hard earned work. Fingers CrossedTeam Members:
[INDENT=2]Anthony D. (Project Lead)
Paul (Artist Lead)
Federico (Concept Artist)
Anthony P. (Concept Artist)
Anthony A. (Promotional Artist)
Ivan (Hard Surface Modeler)
Nick (Organic / Soft Surface Modeler)
Jeremy (Programmer)
[Possibly You] (Organic / Soft Surface Modeler)[/INDENT]

Your Job:
We are pushing out concepts far faster than we can model, so we need someone to help out with getting these characters modeled out to use in our game. You should be familiar with creating models that are efficient for games using normal maps and any other methods needed. (PS: I am not the modeler so I honestly don’t know the terms :stuck_out_tongue: )

Here are some examples:
This one is an example of a current WIP:

This one is something that you would need to be able to model:
If you want to see more you can check out our Facebook, website, etc. (Blenderartists.org only lets us upload 3 images per post)

What we would like in your application:

  • Portfolio / Past Work
  • Short description (a paragraph is fine) of why you would be well suited for the team
  • Amount of time you would be able to dedicate to the project
  • Time Zone

Contact us:
We look forward to hearing from you!

[email protected]

The Amalgam Team @ Simplexity Game Studio


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