Reverse Animation?

Hello everyone.

Is there a way to play an animation in reverse? I have an animation that moves a Chair along a Track, from the left to right. If you press the Right Arrow key it simply plays the animation (moving the chair along the track to the right), however I don’t know how to play the animation backwards (in reverse). Any ideas?

Here’s what it looks like:

Change the IPO Actuator to start at the last frame of the animation and end at the first.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m actually using Action Actuators to play the animation, do I need to use IPO Actuators to do this correctly? If so, how do I get the IPO Actuators to play the “Chair Move” animation? Because it doesn’t ask for which animation to be controlling, like the Action Actuator does :confused:

NLA window, just grab te keyframe (g) and switch them

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the delayed response.

Actually, I have never actually used the NLA editor before I took a quick look at it though, and it looks like you mean for me to recreate the animation, only backwards (in reverse). Is that what you meant? If so, that still wouldn’t completely solve the problem, because I wouldn’t know how to get it to play the reversed animation at the appropriate frame (for example, if the “Chair Move” animation is at frame 50 out of 116 when playing forwards, that is 49 frames away from frame 1. To play in reverse, it would have to start at the number of frames the current frame is away from 116, no? 116 - 49 = 67, so the reversed animation would have to start at frame 67, and play from there. I don’t really know how to do this
On the contrary, if this isn’t what you meant, could you please elaborate on your suggestion? As I’ve stated before, I’ve never used the NLA Editor, so I don’t know much about it. Thanks for helping though!

So you want to be able to have the “chair” move backwards and forwards.

I made a little example for you, the gist of it is that the chair is controlled with a property, in this case called “frame”, which is incremented with the up and down arrows.

If this isn’t what you want, let me know, but you should be able to figure out how to do whatever you want with this.



actioncontrol.blend (34.7 KB)

Wow, thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was trying to do (only, I was trying to do it with the Left and Right arrow keys, lol). I opened your .blend file, and it works perfectly. However, when I tried to implement it, it works kind of … odd. I set the variable to print debug information, and the variable was being set appropriately (as in, being increased/decreased when the appropriate arrow keys were pressed), but the chair would first go to the first frame of animation, when just disappear. That’s it, it was completely… not there. My computer’s been acting a little funny with 3D for the last couple of hours, I’ll try restarting it and testing it again. I’ll edit this post afterwards.

Edit: restarted, and it worked! Or at least, at first. Then it started disappearing lol. Then I gave the “work space” a quick, unfitting texture, and as soon as I started the game it was disappearing too. Weird. Well, everything’s working now, thanks for the help :slight_smile: