Reverting Automatic Weights

First, if there’s another way for me to do what I want, then by all means lead me in the correct direction.

I added two new bones to Rigify but forgot to control + J them, and then I Automatic-Weighed the armature with the model. I can’t control + J the new bones because it messes up the Automatic-Weighed objects (the model becomes very little and the armature disappears and unhide won’t show it either). So, is there a way for me to joint all the bones together after I Automatic-Weighed the armature and model? Reversing back to the original stated of Unweighed would work, too.

Just in case, deleting all the vertex groups or the armature option from the model does nothing.

Thanks in advance!

Stupid question but did you try to un-parent the object? [ALT P] After that, it should be as simple as joining the extra bones and re-parenting… No?

Yes. There seems to be a Blender bug or something. Control + J seems to break everything. They correctly join together now, but if I do anything the whole armature disappears, or gets extremely big or small, and eventually just breaks.

Perhaps I should start over . . . This may take longer to fix. Hopefully someone can help me, though.