Revised: Double Neck Guitar

EDIT: New final render. Original render now in later post.

After a couple of comments i decided to redo this with no background so the guitar is the clear focus.


Great job man, I really do not know why your render has no comment

I LOVE the guitar:D, but, for me the scene takes away from it. I struggled to come up with a scene for my banjo, and I still feel it could have been better. The “roughness” of your scene just doesn’t work for me on this one, but that is just my novice opinion.

Thanks RenanKlehm. I assume I hit that rather sad middle ground: not bad enough to criticise but not good enough to praise.

Longaly: You may be right. i spent longer on the scene than i did on the guitar and i’m not sure if it added much. i mainly wanted to learn how to add dirt and grime to things. Maybe i’ll re-render a simpler scene and see if it is better.

Thanks for the comments.

" i mainly wanted to learn how to add dirt and grime to things" You certainly accomplished this. Good Job!

Thanks again for the comments. Is this any better? i have included the original for comparison, but i think you are right Longaly. Less is indeed sometimes more.


Don’t get me wrong, I Like everything in the first render, but personally, it just didn’t fit for me. Ultimately, whether YOU like it is what matters! I am the LAST person you should listen to in regards to composition of a render! On a lighter note, I found this this morning and thought it fit both of our projects.:smiley:

BTW, I do like the latest render better than the first. I’m assuming you are using an HDRI for the reflections? If so, how do you get it not to blow out the lighting of the entire scene? I have no clue how to do that.:spin: That is ONE of the things that bugs me about my banjo render.:frowning:

Great video. I wish i could say i could do that on mine…

The second render is definitely better, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

The is a HDR image on the first but not the second, i just used mesh lights and diffuse meshes to give the light a bit more character (see pic). on the first image the HDR is very low, the trees are a separate emission plane.


This is the guitar you mentioned and I think I must have missed it the first time round. I think I prefer it with the black background but the floorboards really add to it on both. I don’t know if it’s the colour of the chair that just doesn’t quite work for me but then I’m too new to comment on this sort of thing. Looking forward to more of your stuff for sure.