revision no.s changing at

Hey all,
Lately I’ve noticed that the revision numbers keep changing relative to the actual commit.
When I go look at say r30000 it is something and if I go back in a few hours the same commit will have maybe a number r30010.
What’s up with that??
I cant figure out what a build actually has what in it.:confused:

Also :smiley: using IE8 I cant scroll in the windows for past builds - I can only choose from what I can see. I am pretty sure at one time you could do this???

Builders can update builds/posts at graphicall (i.e. change the text and replace the uploaded build with a new one), that’s proably what you’ve seen.

hmmm dunno…I dont think its the build changing.
say for instance someone called Blenderbozo does a build at r30000 and posts it.
along comes Big Fan and notes the number and looks to see in the list of last 20 commits what that is about.
according to the description r30000 makes ‘random monkey umbrellas’ - fine.:spin:
away goes BF and comes back a bit later.
now if BF looks at the last 20 commit list he sees that ‘random monkey umbrellas’ is now r30010.
so does Blenderbozo’s uploaded r30000 build presently include ‘monkey umbrellas’ or not?
did it ever include them? how do I know if when I first came along it wasnt already wrong??? :confused:
If I really really want a build with ‘random monkey umbrellas’ should I wait until someone posts a r30010 build? or a r30020 build?
Very confusing…

To me it looks like the list of commits on graphicall is just plain doing something very wrong at the moment… :slight_smile: Since the “latest” commit shown there, some 5 other commits have happened and there are similar gaps between other entries… something is definitely wrong there. The revision numbers are current but the associated text is not… weird.
Look at for the correct list.

Oh, you mean the lastest commit feed? I thought you mean the revsion of the builds uploaded. Yes, the commit feed doesn’t seem to be working properly atm. Use instead.

It would be helpful if the zip filename included the revision number, too. You always have to rename the files when downloading so you can keep track of what you’ve downloaded.