revive of my gorilla project

just found and old gorilla modeling and decided to work on the project again.

currently im makingon the hair. but i’m not quite satisfied yet . I would like to hear some opinions and tips for improving :slight_smile:

greets nik

Welcome back! Great start. Skin roughness is too low. I know gorilla’s do get quite glossy, but you should paint a gloss and spec map to control strengths. You might want to consider modeling it with less of the motuh open pose, kind of in the middle. I’ll keep an eye of this one.

yes the skin is not finished at all. i will most probably start with the sculpt tool. but for now I finished the hair:

Hi Nick

Really good looking start here, be nice to see your ref images.

If anything the fur looks a little bit on the soft side, needs to be thicker and more coarse as well as quite a bit of silver in it.

Looking forward to updates.