Reviving an old dead project from this

The cerberus, attack class: flanker

Using it’s massive rotary weapon system it can exchange weapon system types while weapons are firing, both allowing for weapon selection while firing, and for significant cooling benefits if multiple copies of the same weapon exist.

Usual weapon configurations
Plasma torrid accelerator - Dense rings of plasma stabilized by there own rotation collide with each other on impact, creating a micro-fusion burst causing heat, plasma, and electrical damage, as well as a small burst of radiation.

UV- Laser - Not available in atmosphere due to plasma blooming, a devastating weapon that only releases the optimum energy when paired with another uv laser exactly 1/2 phase shifted, creating massive currents between the beams inside any metal that is struck- damaging electronics and heating the whole ship from the inside out.

Rail Blaster - Large shards of ceramide coated in copper impregnated graphite, accelerated to high speed using supercapacitors, self propelled by a super cavity plasma envelope accelerator, achieves longer range and more damaging then any of the other weapons systems available for the ships attack class, however a active denial system can vaporize the rounds before impact, making it a weak choice for a frontal assault, and a great “sniping weapon”.