Revolve a curve?

Typically with Blender, any cylinder shaped cup or plate is made up of number of extruded / scaled circular edges. Is there a way to revolve a curve to do the same?


Yes you can. See attached .blend with a glass done using curves.

Not perfect. I will sort out a better way than making the curve circle
so small.

Hope this helps?

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Glass Curves 001.blend (134 KB)


Yes make a Curve Circle say 1 in diameter. Then move centre/pivot +.5 in X direction.
Then when and if you convert to mesh you can increase or decrease each curves
DefResolU to get the mesh density you require. Also do a remove doubles just to
be sure everything is connected.

Have attached updated .blend.

Happy CurveBlending.




Glass Curves 002.blend (134 KB)

Thanks for the example. Circle is one thing but what is the rule for making the profile curve? It seems you draw it in proper orientation, and move it around to get the revolution diameter. Is this right?


Yes in edit mode of the profile curve move all the vertices -.5 therefore moving the pivot +.5.
Thereby putting profile curve exactly in the centre of the Circle.

Hope this clarifies?