revolver handle

how do i go about making one? :-? thx for any replies :slight_smile: (p.s. i am new so if you get explain it step by step thx:))

So at what part are you stuck?

well basically how do i o about it, should i create a box and rotate the face and extrude or is there a way of creating faces between grids, which way is easier??? :-?

Handy tip - make edges or faces between vertices by pressing F with the vertices selected.

can that b done between too grids?

Select the verts of the metal frame of the handle in edit mode and Shft-D. Tab into Object mode and hit M and move it to another layer then select that layer in the header. Tab back to Edit mode and delete all inside verts. Extrude the remaining verts upwards and scale them in wards. Do it again and maybe again till you have a good slope. Select verts on either side of the remaining hole, 2 on each side and hit F to make a face. Continue till closed. Hit Z and SetSmooth. Toggle Z in Edit mode while tweaking individual verts to get the final shape.


i think i get ya m8, thx alot, i see where ur comin from and now can actually start the handle. :smiley: thx alot