Revolving into madness, colorful abstract piece with/without texture effect

I consider this one of my most beautiful abstract pieces to date. And to make things more interesting I put the image on a plane in Blender and added a bump texture to make it seem like it got merged with a wall.

12 spotlights with halo light the scene.

EDIT: Same image without the texture effect

That’s nice, but personally i prefer a cleaner look, ie without the bump texture.

Well since I still have the .blend file i’ll just go ahead and render it without it and put it up.

That way people can pick wether they like the bumped version or the regular.

UPDATE: Image without texture effect uploaded.

i think without the texture looks much better

Nice one Icoxo…
I mean Cyborg Dragon:)
It has a bit of a M.C. Escher feel.
The one without the bump texture is better…


I started doing effects like that after RobertT said I should experiment with compositor nodes and such, so I have, from the painted look of the perfectionist to the chalk drawing version of the subway image.

That’s a nice image. I wonder what it would look like with a glassy look in yafray hint hint
I love the colors and shape. It’s also a lot better without the painted look.

I like this.
The second one is better IMO.
Maybe try to get a clear plastic material?