Reworked Racer!

(rixtr66) #1

o.k i again overhauled the mesh…made new rims,scoops,fixed a bunch of stuff!i still have alot to do,but its coming along nicely. im still having trouble with mapping decals and a paint scheme :frowning: if anyone has suggestions,im wide open.take note of the new brakes,details are pretty good,any way comments are welcome and encouradged.

my servers wierd,sometimes you can remote load sometimes youcant?any troubles with the link you can go to my front page,bottom pic>

enjoy :wink:

(BgDM) #2

:o :o :o :o :o HOLLY CRAP!

One awesome looking car rixtr66 - again, as always :wink:

The brake rotors seem to be too big, (i.e. fit tight with wheels). They should maybe be a bit smaller? As far as texturing, I am going to be UV mapping my Jaguar, maybe try that? Or you could try using empties to place decals and number textures onto the body. Just a suggestion.

Keep it coming rixtr66, awesome job!


(meestaplu) #3

NICE CAR! The modeling is excellent, but the texturing on the rotors could use some work. The gold looks all right, but it needs to be more glossy and more reflective. The wheel wells are much improved, and the vents look awesome.

(muteinvert) #4

man, that’s awesome. you could decrease the contrast in the reflections a bit

(pofo) #5

Great car!

Try rendering it larger and shrink it, there’s some aliasing.

  1. pofo

(digitalSlav) #6

missing the front grill??? looks like you can see inside.

(system) #7

Can you show some pics of the back? The front looks really nice!

brummbrumm :slight_smile: can i get the keys of that car ? :slight_smile:


(rogerm3d) #8

Looking cool. At this rate im starting to wonder what car will be the best/winner in the end.
Only complaint is on the wheels. Its like the spokes are two skinny for how big the wheels are.
Look like they wouldnt hold up under the wait. :wink:
Or maybe they would twist up as soon as you accelerate. :wink:
That is if the car has a powerfull enough enginge. Sure looks like it would :wink: 8) :stuck_out_tongue: