Rex with Lightsaber (SKIP TO 0:17 for Blender part)


Full Edited Scene (Video Embed):


Here’s a silly idea I had a little while ago to have the T-Rex from JP fight Dr. Grant with a lightsaber.

The CG was accomplished in Blender, while the lightsaber effects were done in Flash, (and of course, the rest was done by Spielberg et al. :D)

For the skin, I used a really complicated disorted “Noise Texture” setup.

I was originally going to have Rexy holding the saber in her arm, but I decided to go the easy way out and have her use her maw instead XD

I’ve attached the BLEND file with a CC0 license. Please feel free to mess around with it if you’d like :slight_smile:

Rex BLEND (1.7 MB)

Feedback (even highly critical feedback) is appreciated! :slight_smile: Peace and God bless!