RGB-Coffeecups Wallpaper

For all coffee drinking people that are working with the RGB color space :slight_smile:
Here is a wallpaper.
Rendered in Octane.



But… that’s everyone! :stuck_out_tongue: lol very nice, upon initial inspection I wasn’t at all impressed , but when I enlarged it I thought it was rather good, a clean simple but effective wallpaper so well done :slight_smile: The idea as well is quite original I think :slight_smile:

lol Your cool as Eis!

Nice coffe cups and idea! My opinion is that you do not need the letters in the bottom… people who know the rgb model will see it (sometimes it’s cool to need a second without help and than recognize whats behind there) and the minds of the other internet users will work like this “nice cups - why are there letters - click - oh a sweet little puppy catching it’s own tail…” ;D

@zalewskitsf10: no, i don’t like coffee

that was denglish :slight_smile:

haha cool as ice cream… :slight_smile:

i like this very much, good job!

Here is only the one cup <- is that right? :wink:


Here is only one of the cups :slight_smile: good English to be fair, better than my German! Very nice render btw :slight_smile:

Cool. Now for the CMYK version! :wink:

yes. CMYK please. and RGBA please.