RGB Curves Node NO CURVE!

Hello, all. I searched through google as well as the forums here and I can not seem to find a solution to my problem. I also looked through the documentation and if it is there, I missed it.

I am going through the compositing tutorials and I have met a problem with the RGB Curves Node in the Color node menu. All my tutorials and images show that the node has a curve in it to show the color effects, but in my Blender, 2.47, the node only shows multiple dots and no curve whatsoever. I am having a hard time guessing where the curve lies by just seeing the dots.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Could you give some details on your system, especially video card, and what OS you are using? This sounds like a problem with your video card or something.

I am running Windows XP Home with the on board graphics.

All other curves for things like the IPO are still there. Only one that is missing is the RGB Curves Node curve.