RGBA alpha too opaque

Hi all!

I have a model in my scene, that I put on a plane with “shadows only” enabled. Then I have one area light with shadows enabled. Shadows look good in blender on white background, but when I try to export scene to RGBA png, open it in photoshop and add white background, shadows are much darker, object looks of course ok, because it is not transparent.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

I just noticed that I exported to RGBA tiff, it’s fine with RGBA png. Weird though…

Is there any possibility to export shadows on separate layer, so I could easily multiply them outside blender?

You can enable separate render pass for shadows and then save it to file from Node editor or Image viewer.

Ok, thanks, I think I figured it out.

Hm, I guess the problem isn’t in image format, but in alpha setting itselve. If I use >>sky<< shadows look good, but there is white border around edges, if I use >>premultiplied<< shadows get reall too dark. Why is that?