RGP - Racing Game Project (working title)

This is a game I`ve been making in my spare time since july of 2012. The real development time is around 15 days though.
The core idea of the game has been brewing for years already and I though it was mature enough develop it further. The game is planned to be simple enough so I can make it on my own - I consider it as my skill test in every possible game development field.

Brief overview:

RGP (will find a proper title later) is a fast paced single player racing game where player is a pilot of ultra fast, hovering race vehicles. Game setting takes place in a distant future, or a fictional universe on various distinct planets around the galaxies. I plan to keep the overall style close to retro futurism - vivid, minimalist and smooth.

For a full GDD (game design document) look HERE
all of the content there is a subject to change and will form up in further development of the game. Actually for now it is more like a verbal sketchbook of ideas and concepts not a proper GDD.

Also for more detailed development process and frequent updates check my dev-blog HERE

development phases:

the realization process is split up in following phases:

  • planning & preperation (done)
  • sketching and concepting
    - developing game core mechanics
  • developing graphics & shaders
  • developing game art
    - developing sound, graphics & effects- putting all together
  • alpha release
    - debugging

current development phase: sketching and preperation

during each of the phases I will publish pre-alpha releases showing the features developed.
Later I will create a more specific roadmap for milestone releases.
















RGPv0.01 - first public pre-alpha demo (sketchy verison of what the game might feel and look like)

  • raceable hovering vehicle
  • custom physics & aerodynamics
  • shiny exhaust trail
  • placeholder graphics
  • nice UI using Moguri`s BGUI library
  • basic AI with obstacle avoidance behaviors

critique & comments are welcome!

Very nice looking game with a lot of potential.

Downloading now. Hopefully it runs smooth on my old laptop…

Edit: I’m guessing I’m using the wrong version of Blender (2.65a) because the entire thing is a bit of a mess. When I hit “w” the camera zooms in past the ship and the particle trail is on the front of the ship. o.O It also runs at 3 fps and I think it could be going a bit faster even though my laptop is old… What version of Blender are you using?

zymn, well the game is meant to run at stable 60fps :smiley:
game logic and physics timestep is calculated based on fixed 1/60fps frametime so lower or higher framerate leads to complete mess…
I will fix that at one point. Also 3fps seems really too low, try 2 things -

  • disable shadowmapping from the “Sun” lamp
  • disable “Color management” in Render tab under “Shading” - this helped me a lot when I was on lower end PC

It runs fine in 2.65 & 2.66

NICE! downloading blend now, I love the speed art you did, the game looks very nice.

Very impressive! I really like the sense of scale the background buildings give the game, not to mention the nice artistic style.

Wow, you did a great job, downloading now, congrats!

I cant download the game from my PC/Mobile :(Could you use some LED lights in the racetracksLike those in the Solar roadshttp://www.solarroadways.com/intro.shtml

I already had some fun with this. Here you can try stiffer handling and hard brakes: http://www.pasteall.org/40107/python

Your game looks nice and is fun. It also ran well on my computer.

Very cool. I really really enjoyed it. Even though its so early in development the game mechanics are quite nice, and the graphics style looks like its heading in a great direction, especially with the filter. Good work as always!

i notice that your speed is 1.5 is mach. a sonic boom would be realy cool!
maybe not worth it though…

Hey I have a question. Is it possible to use your code for the racer and add it to a character, but have it only activate when a button is pressed? I really suck at Python so I don’t know. o.O

Kylona - yes there will be a sonic boom :slight_smile:

why would you need this for a character?
Adjusting this code for other project would be quite hard. You would also have to disable Bullet physics for your character as it uses a custom physics system, there are no collision detection yet.

Well I wanted a smooth controlling speed boost to go with a character in a game and I was trying to think of ideas of how it would work. Controlling like a futuristic racer was an idea because it’s fluid and easy to control.

Just saw/played your game. You are certainly very talented. Kind of depressing that your Realtime things are looking better than my cycle renderings :slight_smile:
Regarding the game I really like the visual style (retro, but really nice).
Keep up the good work!

@martinsh This is awesome! I saw your concept sketches and thought they were great but I did not see you have the game concept up and running as well! Its great!
And you hit hard on the nail with the style and rendering and gameplay.

In my eyes the great thing about games like wipeout is the smooth insane velocity racing with loong smooth tracks so you can get the speed up. The style of the game is not as important. Yet when that is said i love the colors and atmosphere of your game. Its very like your sketches!

Anywhere we can read about or can you tell about your future plans…? Any specific areas you want to get help?

EDIT martin.hedin Thanks for clearing the name confusion, Sorry :slight_smile:

@ejnaren, i think you mean martinsh! :yes:

realy nice graphics, great job!

You are just so fantactic, man!